Now in a third decade of work, I’ve been committed to fostering dialog about human interaction with the earth through surface/subsurface photo-geologic composites. My work grapples with the elemental questions:


What is the relationship between humans and earth?


What kind of relationship exists between our surface world and the earth layers below?


How does our relentless foray into new environs and our endless development of land extend in the downward direction?


The creation of these photo-geologic composites is both an artistic and investigatory process. As an artist, I find my eye and imagination actively engaged in a specific urban or rural site or space-a New York City block, a gasoline station, a water well site on a wooded hillside. As a geologist, I am intrigued by the underlying geologic framework of that site, by the path of the groundwater, by the evidence of the modern world — the utilities, subways, even the pollution — that are marked into the earth in the name of progress. In my exploration of both surface and subsurface views of the earth, I hope to offer images that allow viewers an intriguing way to contemplate both landscape and a sense of place.

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